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Course - Dental Sleep Medicine

Dental sleep medicine has increased its importance in the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders in recent years. On the one hand, the study situation on the mandibular protrusion splint has improved again; on the other hand, dental sleep medicine has also found its way into the relevant treatment guidelines (S3 guideline “Non-restful sleep”). In this way, an interesting field of activity opens up for dentists in close cooperation with sleep medicine specialists, ENT doctors, pulmonologists and many more.

Our advanced training event is aimed at newcomers to sleep medicine as well as advanced users who want to update their knowledge. Since the professional adaptation of intraoral devices for the therapy of obstructive sleep apnea requires specially trained dentists who are able to select the most suitable device from the abundance of protrusion splints on offer, the focus of our course is of course on practical aspects of mandibular protrusion splint therapy.

After completing the course, you will be able to identify patients with suspected sleep-related breathing disorders in your practice, to diagnose them correctly together with sleep specialists and then to provide competent therapeutic care in the next step. You will be able to evaluate all available therapies in accordance with the guidelines and ultimately, of course, learn about the possible uses, side effects and limitations of the protrusion splints in order to adapt them as best as possible.

The content of the course consists of 2 sections:

1st theory part

The basics of sleep medicine and the diagnosis of sleep-related breathing disorders in particular are discussed. You will receive the tools you need for everyday work in order to be able to work at eye level with sleep medicine specialists from other disciplines.

2nd workshop part

During the second part of the course, practical workshops loosen up the lectures and seminars. These workshops prepare you optimally for everyday practice and the adjustments.

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your Institute for Sleep Medicine Team

Course - Dental Sleep Medicine - Munich

28. November 2020
Hilton Munich City
Rosenheimer Str. 15
81667 Munich

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Theory part:

08:30 Uhr Registrierung
09:00 Uhr Begrüßung
09:05 Uhr Einführung, allgemeine Grundlagen des gesunden Schlafes
09:15 Uhr Definition und Pathologie der schlafbezogenen Atmungsstörungen - Symptome und Folgen
10:00 Uhr Diagnostik schlafbezogener Atmungsstörungen
10:30 Uhr Wann muss unser Patient in das Schlaflabor, was geschieht dort?
11:00 Uhr Kaffeepause
11:15 Uhr Therapien der schlafbezogenen Atmungsstörungen
12:15 Uhr Wirkungsweise der Unterkieferprotrusionsschienen
12:30 Uhr Überblick über die verschiedenen Schienentypen
13:00 Uhr aktuelle Leitlinien
13:15 Uhr Nebenwirkungen und Limitationen der UPS-Therapie
13:30 Uhr Mittagspause
14:15 Uhr Ende Vormittag

Workshop part:

14:15 Uhr Dentaler / funktioneller / röntgenologischer Befund
14:45 Uhr Hands-On Workshop / Bissnahme / Titration
15:00 Uhr Patienteninstruktion / Kontrolltermine
15:30 Uhr Kaffeepause
15:45 Uhr Hands-On Workshop / Protrusionsbestimmungen in Kleingruppen
16:45 Uhr Interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit
17:00 Uhr Abrechnungsmöglichkeiten
17:45 Uhr Quiz und Lernerfolgskontrolle
18:00 Uhr FAQ
18:15 Uhr Ende, Verabschiedung und Zertifikatsübergabe